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Okay, Michael:

Need Proof?

David - Wrap Studio Owner in Pennsylvania

$12.23 Cost Per Lead

Andrew - Wrap Studio Owner In Texas​

$17.13 cost per lead

“How much will this cost?”
We charge a fair fee. Right now, it’s half-off for wrap/sign professionals. Just so we can collect some testimonials.
Then we’ll bump it back to full price. Which could happen any day now.
So if I were you, I wouldn’t wait around – I’d book now.
A better question might be: Can you afford not to make this investment?
Because, truth is: twelve hours a day, seven days a week… for years… to match what we could do for you in a matter of months.
Hey, your call.
“Where do you get them?”
Facebook Ads and a Custom CRM system we’ve built out.
“Ads don’t work.”
When we do them, they do.
We’re already crushing it for the first round who bought in.
This is fact, not opinion.
“How fast will I see results?”
As soon as you plug in your new done-for-you appointment machine, you’ll start getting action.
First, clicks on your ads. Then inquiries. Then appointments. Then referral requests (once you deliver)
And just think:
All of this could happen on day ONE of you going live. That’s the beauty of this system.
Of course, closing ability will be the X-factor.
Don’t get me wrong: this is not some sketchy get-rich-quick scheme.
Just world-class marketing, plus a smart, scalable system, plus positioning that makes working with you seem irresistible.
“What type of results can I expect?”
Let’s say you start out with us and you get 30 qualified appointments.
K, cool – 30 qualified appointments.
If 50% of those leads want to move forward.
That’s 15 chances to close something up.
Not that exciting – until – you consider:
1, How much a new client is worth over the following months.
2, We’d call those results mediocre.
3, What if we got you double the appointments?
4, What if 50% requested a call back?
5, What if you closed at 70%?
…I’ll tell you what happens:
You go from a “little side cash”… to “MAD money!”
And you didn’t have to wait years for it to happen.
Or do things you hate.
Or put in 10 times the effort.
Again, it’s called SCALE.
Lots of other methods of building your business work – it’s just that, most of them suck and take forever!
“Nothing else has worked in the past – why will this?”
Because we do everything for you.
And we’re awesome at it.

We’ll build your qualified appointment machine and stack your calendar. But act now. Before the price doubles, before there’s a waiting list, before the Bonuses are gone for good!



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