No More Junk Leads

Deal directly – and exclusively – with qualified leads who are actively looking to buy!

We handle all lead generation and nurture so you can focus
on what brings the most revenue – Closing Deals

And the best part… We ONLY get paid once we get you more deals!

What we do is simple

We help you close more sales  and save you a lot of time!

How we do it

We fill up your pipeline so you have more exclusive buyer and seller leads on demand so you can close more deals!

We nurture said leads so that you have to spend less time on each (saving up to 20 hours on a lead).

We work with dedicated businesses exclusively!

We only work with businesses that are ready to invest in growth, because that’s the only way they can achieve their goals!

We know the lead generation inside and out, and that’s why when we work together everything is smooth.


We manage everything, so you can close more deals. We’ll help you generate leads through the channels that work best for your needs and bring you the best results.
We’ll find and bring you the best quality, hot leads that each platform has to offer

And the good news is they’ll cost less than industry standard and you don’t have to lift a finger to get them leaving you more time to focus on what brings you the most revenue – Closing Deals


Get Better Quality Leads Delivered
To Your Inbox For a Less Money and Effort

Get Qualified Appointments Straight Into Your Calendar From Our Team

Turn leads into clients with our automatic follow up that tells agents who to call, when to call them and what they’re interested in buying or selling

When you’re away, we’ll follow up via text and email decreasing your churn rate by 400%

Our CRM will not only grow your audience but show you exactly where new leads are coming from

Every Conversation In One Place

Reach your clients wherever they are with text messaging through our CRM. Request reviews, connect with website visitors, respond to Facebook & Google Messages, and market to clients and leads all from our custom app

This does two things:
It saves you countless hours going between text messages, Facebook messenger, email, and any other platform you use by putting all communication in one place

It also makes sure you don’t miss any question, comment or offer prospects send you

More Reviews

Improve your ratings, build your reputation, and get found online by sending review requests via text to recent clients, responding to and interacting with reviewers, and managing it all from a single inbox

All of your reviews will be automatically imported across the internet once you approve them as part of our Brand Scaling Service within the CRM

This is crucial because it shows potential buyers and sellers that you’re a top business in your industry, having your reputation precede you

Our CRM Easily Integrates With All Apps You Currently Use

It’s the eternal problem for all $1 million, $2 million and 
$3 million-plus Businesses.

How do I scale to new levels of revenue and profitability, when the leads I’m getting are:

1. Low-quality – often from people who are ‘just looking’ rather than “ready-to-buy”?

2. Not exclusive – other agents companies are getting these same leads so we’re competing for the same customer?

3. Expensive – I’m paying between $400 and $500 for each one yet very few turn into appointments, let alone sales?

4. Not cost-effective – I have to pay staff to wade through what are mostly junk leads?

5. Slow, unreliable, inconsistent – simply not a flow of leads that I can rely on in the future?

In short, how do I pursue ambitious goals when I can’t be sure I’ll have a reliable flow of new customers to get me there?

We provide roofing firms with leads that are:

Fully qualified – these people aren’t ‘just looking’, they’re ‘ready-to-buy’ and looking for someone to buy from

Committed – each lead is actually an appointment for you to carry out a free service as a bonus

Very low cost – latest client testimonials are confirming qualified leads at $20 each. That’s up to 80% below the industry average

Exclusive – only you get them, they’re not shared with any other roofing companies

Unique – the lead is for your area, was generated specifically for you using your logos, colors, website and business name. It comes from a person who is looking to buy the exact services you’re selling

Cheap to process – no junk leads means fewer working hours spent chasing and following up – so almost every sales call is a good call

Quick and reliable – customers are always there, we locate them and bring them to you


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